private infra

private infra

We have recently opened a resort in our private area with infrared sauna.
Enjoy relaxing in the comfort of our hotel with a bottle of good champagne in a private lockable space wellness section

Infrared is a modern trend of relaxation.
It is designed for the sweating and treatments. Suitable for people who are treated with blood pressure or bear well high temperatures in a classical sauna. Infrared heating system
Foreign phenomenon called the home doctor, leads to efficient detoxification of the body and treat our body temperature
to 60 °. It becomes a normal part of therapeutic treatment
and our health, including spa environment.
For 30 min. burn up to 600 calories

400 Kč / 60 min

Included services

60 min 400, - CZK

90 min 600, - CZK

120 min 800, - CZK

Price is valid for use by two persons